How to Install Microsoft Word in Macbook [Free]

Install Microsoft Word in Macbook: MS Word is a very familiar name in the domain of word processing programs which is the official part of the Microsoft Office suite. The program was introduced by the Microsoft Corporation as the integral part of all the Window’s computers long back in the 80’s and today the program is globally recognised in all the Window’s and some other operating systems.

The Word is basically the part of the Microsoft Office which bundles the other programs as well such as Excel, Powerpoint,Outlook etc. Word is basically used in the official purposes such as in the creation of the formal official documents,letters,legal deeds etc which constitute the significant part of any formal workplace.

The program has been a very reliable platform using which you can execute all your word processing related tasks, be it in your personal context or in the professional context as well.This is the reason that why the software is one of the most preferred programs in the world and you can use it even in writing the languages as well.

Download & Install MS Word in MacBook

Well, as we all know that MS Word has been officially introduced and developed by the Microsoft Incorporation primarily for the Window’s users,however the good news is that the MacBook users also get the comparability of the program in their MacBook computer. 

Here below we are simplifying the whole process by which you can easily install MS Word in the Macbook.

  • Visit the official Microsoft Office’s website and there at the home page of the website you will see the office purchase page.
  • There you will see the Microsoft Office suite setup and beside it the orange icon saying as “install office”
  • You need to click on the same  icon which will begin downloading the setup of the MS Office.
  • Now just come back at the home screen of the Macbook and open the “Finder” application in the system.
  • Once the application gets open then you will see the downloads option in the left side options of the application.
  • Open the downloads folder and there you will find the downloaded setup of MS Office.
  • Now you simply need to open the file setup in order to begin the installation process of Office.
  • You will be required to enter the Macbook password in order to permit the installation process.
  • Once the installation process is completed then you can freely use the MS Word in your Office setup. 

We hope that our above mentioned step by step guide will assist you in an easy installation process of MS Office and in the office suit you can access the MS Word as well to meet your requirements.

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