How to Delete a Page in Word in Macbook

How to Delete a Page in Word: We all use the Word processed software in our respective operating systems of the computers such as we use the Microsoft Word in the Windows computers. In the similar manner the Apple’s Macbook users can use the different kind of word processing software.

If you are a MacBook user and using any word processing software then you may often need to delete an extra page, which may be of no use for you. It follows a very simple process to delete a text or an extra page using the MacBook in a word document. 

Here below we are simplifying the process of page deletion in the Macbook word document and we urge you to follow the same procedure in the similar order.

  • First of all open your Word processing document using the MacBook and then select the objects on the page which you want to delete.

  • Now you just simply need to press the*Delete* button and then the selected text on the page will get deleted.
  • If you want to delete an all blank page in the word then you need to go on the beginning of the next page.
  • Now reaching at the beginning of the next page you can simply press the *Delete* button again to delete the entire blank page.

So, this is how easily you can delete a word document or the entire page using your MacBook. We believe the article would help you in deleting the page easily and if you encounter any kind of error in the process, then just feel free to approach us.

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