How to Delete a Page in Word in iPad

Delete a Page in Word in iPad: iPad is a very famous tablet device from the Apple’s incorporation, which can be used for the entertainment and also for the official working purposes. You can use the Word processing software in your ipad device and create the official Word document using the device.

We all know we often need the different kinds of features in the Word processing software, in order to create the official documents in an appropriate manner and deleting the text or an entire page is one of those features.

So, if you are one of those people who have the ipad and often use the word document in it to write and read the several official documents, then you must make yourself aware as to how you can delete a page in Word using your ipad in the concerned document.  

Here below we are going to simplify this ipad feature, by which you can delete any text or the page itself using your ipad device.

  • In the very first step you just need to open the specific file in the Word processing application of your ipad device.
  • Now select the text on the document which you want to delete by double tapping on it.
  • Once the text is selected then you need to look up at the several options available for the text.
  • There would be a deletion option as well among them and you just need to tap on the same option which will delete the selected text.
  • If you want to delete a blank page in between of your next page then you need to head to the beginning of the next page.
  • Once you arrive at the next page then you simply need to tap on the backspace key.
  • The backspace will remove/delete that extra page which is unwanted to you be it the blank page or filled with the text.

We hope that the above mentioned guide will assist you in deleting the text or page in Word using your ipad device easily. You can approach us further if you face any kind of issue in following the above mentioned procedure.

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