How to Add Another Page In Word In Macbook

Add Another Page In Word In Macbook: We all use the word processing software in our respective computer devices, since these software are very essential in our day to day tasks associated with the word documents to prepare the various kinds of the formal and the informal documents. 

If you are a Apple’s Macbook user then you often use the word documents in the relative word processing software of your computer and on the sheet of the word document we often have to make several changes such as the addition or the deletion of the page in accordance to the requirement of the content.

Adding the Another Page in Word MacBook

Well, while using the word document in the Macbook or any other computer operating system we often need the extra page for writing, since the existing page may not be enough to write the concerned piece of document.

This is when we command the Word processing software to add an extra page of the sheet, so that we can finish writing the document.

If you are wondering as to how you can add an extra page in your MacBook’s word document then here we are going to help you with the same. 

We urge you to follow our below mentioned step by step guide to serve your purpose. 

  • Open your Word document in the relevant software of the MacBook.
  • Now on your existing page you have to select the insertion point from where on you want to add a new page.
  • You can simply set the insertion point by double click of the mouse.
  • Once the insertion point is selected, then you just need to go to the toolbar and there you can click on + to add the fresh blank page for your document.

So, this is how easily you can add up the new page in your Word document using your MacBook and you face any issue in the process then kindly feel free to approach us to resolve the same.

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